Spice up your food with an essential masala of India


Not only the Indians but also the tourists are fond of Indian cuisine. The only reason is the excellent spices used in the cooking process. They can be used as a whole and in the powder mixture form of different spices to enhance the flavour.
The subtle taste of cuisines is just because of the balance used of herbs and spices. No spices mean it is not Indian food. There are many spices available that are only used for giving aroma in spite of taste and some used for complimenting others.
Spices do have become an integral part as they are present as strongly flavoured substances originated from plants. Spices Company in India has secured its place in the international spice market for providing a fantastic range all over the world.

Essential spices for any cuisine

Each spice releases its flavour in different ways. Some like nutmeg should be dry roasted before using while there is some need to be blend on pestle and mortar.
– Clove
You can find clove in every home because of its medicinal property and also to enhance the flavour of food. The intense flavour generally comes from the essential oils of clove. Technically, they are flowers having lots of oils, which are pressed out before the drying process. Either you can use it as a whole or mix with other spices.
– Cassia bark
Cassia bark, also known as dalchini, comes from a cinnamon tree. There is a mild difference between the true cinnamon and cassia, i.e., the cassia has a milder flavour. Thus, most of the people prefer cassia and can use in large quantity.
– Black pepper
Yet another essential spice of Indian is Black pepper. It is among the costly spices as it is quite challenging to grow them. The best flavour comes from it when roasted before blending.
– Cumin
Indian dishes are incomplete without the cumin seeds. The intense fragrance comes when you dry-roast them. The spices company in India offers the best quality of cumin that makes your dish noticeable.
– Turmeric
The wonder spice is an all-time favourite Indian spice. The fresh turmeric sometimes confused with ginger, but it is a host giving lots of health benefits. Filled with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and many other properties, Indians love to have turmeric in every dish. The small quality of it can do its job.
– Cardamom

When it comes to cardamom, there are two variants available – green and black. The green one is more popular because of its numerous benefits. It acts as a mouth freshener, used in tea, Indian desserts. Before using it as a spice, it has to blend as a whole with other spices. On the other hand, the black one has a powerful and smoky aroma.
The list doesn’t end up here as there are lots of spices. Golden Masale is a leading spices company in India who is manufacturing a quality range of spices loved by Indian housewives and chefs. The team follows the standard procedures and hygiene at the time of manufacturing and check the ingredients optimally.

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