Health Benefits of Black Pepper

Black pepper refers to a plant belonging to the Piperaceae tree family. When dried up, this plant-derived product is called peppercorn and is used to add flavor to food. Known as “King of the Spices”, black pepper thrives in a tropical climate and it requires annual rainfall of nearly 200 centimeters. Black pepper diet helps […]


The best way for weight loss with spices

The internet has opened the eyes of so many weight lose dreamers and achievers with numerous methods on how to lose weight. Some helpful and some harmful; some are successful and some are a failure. Because of the inclination to lose weight rapidly, there are important things in our lives that we think are not […]

Dum Aloo Recipe

Dum aloo recipe – Slow cooked potatoes in spicy onion tomato and yogurt gravy. This dum aloo is a popular restaurant-style North Indian side dish. Serve dum aloo with rice, paratha, naan or roti. This Dum Aloo Recipe is specially made by Golden Masale, make out the best from Golden Masale collections.

Importance Of Spices In Indian Food

Indian masalas have found their place in the majority of the dishes across all continents. These Indian spice masalas have been used in a variety of combination as per individual or cultural preferences. Indians readily use spice in their dish, food, teas. Food and beverages are one of the demanding categories amongst the rest, which […]